Mette Duedahl

Muuto - Push Coffee Maker Muuto - Push Coffee Maker, stone grey €99.00 *
Mette Duedahl

The designer Mette Duedahl graduated at the Danish design school in Bornholm in 2011. The Danish specialized on ceramics has a completely own design language.

Mette Duedahl’s sources of inspiration are everyday demands and she tries to design products for every day and event. Her products are simple and based on classic shapes with a big focus on functionality. But the designs of Duedahl are still unmistakable, since they have a special style, which also includes the haptic experience.

Mette Deudahl’s style developed as it did because she doesn’t mainly design at the computer: plaster and clay are the materials, with which new products emerge in Duedahl’s office in Frederiksberg. That’s also the reason why the handicraft influence in the designs of the Danish designer is unmistakable.

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