Designer - Nando Schidmlin

Nando Schmidlin

The designer Nando Schmidlin was born in the year 1989 and reached Designer-maturity at the Canton School Stadelhofen with his maturity work „Chair: from the idea to the prototype“.

After his graduation at the Canton School and a backpack trip to South East Asia he studied Industrial Design at the ZHdk and absolved an internship at Mox. During his internship at Mox, Nando Schmidlin designed the office chair “Storch”, which has been presented on the Blickfang in Zurich and the IMM in Cologne.

Things that fascinate him at his work: ”To catch a problem and analyse it. To think superior and holistically. Design. Being different. Changing between sketching, the proving models and working with computers. Deciding, to be delighted by an idea. Weld, cut, saw. Using different mediums. Working exact. To create something, to make ideas real. To present the own product proudly.”

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