Nikolaï Carels

Nikolaï Carels

Nikolaï Carls designed excellent value consumer products like the successful tea pot “Le Lapin” for HEMA, the watering can “Don” and the coffee set Senseo/Douwe Egberts. His creations have been awarded several times with – among others – the “est Buy” and “Good Industrial Design” Award.

For the cutting board which he created for the Dutch manufacturer RoyalVKB, Carels was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award.

Since 1992, Carels is successfully running his own design studio in Overveen, the Netherlands. The fields in which his customers work are diversified. He designs from the consumer product to the very high quality item in the areas of lifestyle and technique everything.

Supposedly, the huge success of the young Dutch designer derives from his very accurate way of working. It starts with the observation of the market and the customer behaviour which is followed by the creative part of finding the ideas. After conceptualizing his ideas on the paper, Carels visualizes these ideas in complex 3D animations where Carels also pays attention to the price, quality and the due date

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