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NL Architects

NL Architects, an office in Amsterdam, with four architects -Pieter Bannenberg, Walter van Dijk, Kamiel Klaasse and Mark Linnemann -, which already worked together in the same office since the beginning of the 1990ies, was founded in 1997. They studied together at the Technical University in Delft. The four used to live in Amsterdam and spent some time together on the streets - as a carpool team.

Mobility is one of the basic aspects of the architectonic work of NL Architects. Like some others, designs the office concepts that address very obviously the mobile community which changes a lot! An example is „Das Netz“ (The Net), which the Dutch spaned in the summer over a construction side in Berlin Köpenick, so it filled a hole between two buildings, without blocking the view oh the Frauentogs. It was also a meeting place for residents and visitors, which were able to climb on it.

With their start they became very famousand won a lot of awards like the Mies van der Rohe Award for European Architecture in 2005.

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