Andreas Ostwald was born in Lübeck in 1964, he studied Industrial Design in Kiel from 1989 to 1994. After his work as industrial designer he also teaches at the Muthesius University for Design in Kiel.

Klaus Nolting was born in 1964 in Zurich, he studied Industrial Design in Kiel from 2986 to 1992. After his work as freelance in the renowned architecture office Gerkan Marg and partners, he founded the ON-Industrial Design Gbr office in Hamburg together with Oswald, in the year 1996.

Oseald and Nolting work together with Tom Wibberenz since 2000, also in the graphic design area. Oswald and Nolting have designed mobile phones and lamps besides their benches, tables and chairs, among others. Some of their customers are the Deutsche Bank AG, Montlanc, La Palma or Motorola.

The designers say about their style:

“We plan and design meaningful products for the human life. We develop ideas, create with transparent, soft lines. We develop innovative ideas with consequent material use and creative constructions.”

The Cox Chair that Oswald+Nolting designed for the Italian manufacturer La Palma was honored with the Design Plus Award on the Frankfurt Fair in 2005.

Ostwald and Nolting have stopped their partnership after 10 years of cooperation.

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