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The designers Ori Saidi and Daniel Gassner met at the design school in Tel Aviv in 1999. This was the beginning or a wonderful friendship, as both of them emphasize. Already during their studies at the university, they sketched prototypes of products that would become best-sellers later on: the “Poing” bowl.

Saidi and Gassner decided to found a design studio together in 2004. They named it “Ototo”, which means as much as “at any time” on Hebrew: the designers wanted to emphasize that new and exciting things can appear all the time with it – unexpectedly. The next good idea of them was directly around the corner, since every good idea is only the predecessor of the next one.

With that approach in mind, both designers started to produce things in small numbers by hand. The demand grew and that was when they moved to bigger rooms and started to produce Ototo products in a bigger amount: A humorous and unexpected twist makes the Ototo products in unmistakable.

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