Paula Arntzen

Artecnica - Petit Trianon Pendant Lamp Artecnica - Petit Trianons Pendant Light €225.00 *
Paula Arntzen

The Netherlands artist Paula Arntsen was born in Arnheim in 1980. There Arntsen also founded her own design studio in 2009.

Paula Arntsen studied furniture design in Amsterdam before she focused on product design: her apprenticeship went from 2004 to 2009 at the Arts Academy in her home town. Afterwards the Netherlands founded her own design studio in order to realize her creative ideas: The style of Arntsen is embossed by the combination of weightlessness, colours and monumental forms. Arntzen’s lamps, such as the Trianon – which she designed for the American manufacturer Artecnica – are impressing examples for her philosophy.

The connection of different style methods is essential for Paula Arntsen’s design approach: not only forms, but also materials play an important role in the designs of the Netherlands designer. This is how she creates products that fulfil decorative and functional demands simultaneously.

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