Designer Phil Cuttance

Phil Cuttance

The born New-Zeeland Phil Cuttance is especially well known by his Weld Vase. The Vases which make us think of welded metal, is available in different forms, colours and sizes. The work by Phil Cuttance however, is not only limited to his; also lamps, tables and chairs in the same style have already been designed by the designer, living in London now.

It mustn't always be industrial design, this proves Phil Cuttance, not at last with his Trophy Hangers: The clothes hangers ironically play with ancient traditions and the iconic status of hunting trophies, but still with an own charm. Their concept idea is very clear, since traditional hunting trophies appear rather antiquated at living room walls today. This is how the initial idea of a hunting trophy is turned around by Phil Cuttance; well, the idea is not only turned around, but turned on its head and bump.

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