Philippe Allaeys


e15 - PA04 Theo Tray e15 - PA04 Theo tray 65 x 45 cm, oiled oak €357.00 *e15 - PA04 Theo Tray e15 - PA04 Theo Tray 30 x 45 cm, oiled oak €226.00 *
Philippe Allaeys

Philippe Allaeys is a Belgian architect and Creative Director of the company ALPH furniture - the tables of ALPH in Ghent. Allaeys graduated from the academy of Sint-Lucas in Ghent for the bachelor of architecture.

Allaeys works as a designer in the product area since 1992. He designed the foldable table PA01 Isaac, the bed PA02 Noah, the table PA03 Alex as well as the tray PA04 Theo for the premium brand e15 among other things. His designs are characterized by a restrained language of forms and the use of high quality materials.

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