Piet Stockmans

Piet Stockmans

The 1995 nominated Cultural ambassador from Flanders Piet Stockmans, was born in the Belgian Leopoldsburg in 1940.

Porcelain is his focus, a material that he loves in all its ways and forms. That is how he shapes industrial porcelain as well as attractive single objects or artistic installations. He especially revitalized the cold and unapproachable appearing white porcelain again and again by means of a careful treatment with the bright and clear form. It doesn’t need decorations and the phrase “reducing to the essential” is perfectly proven in here.

As teacher for Industrial Design at the Katholeike Hogeschool Limburg in the Belgian Gent and as professor for Ceramic Design in the Holland Eindhoven, he passes his knowledge and experience to following generations. His designs are shown in numerous international collections.

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