Casamania - Granny Pendant Lamp Casamania - Granny Pendant Lamp large, white €622.00 *Casamania - Granny Pendant Lamp Casamania - Granny Pendant Lamp small, white €303.00 *

Pudelskern believes that it is necessary to “add more layers” to design. This phrase of the three Austrian designers refers to the different stories their creations tell. The different stories for one product might talk about sustainable production, handicraft techniques or determinate material aspects. Pudelskern loves to dive deeply in projects and to measure themselves at high standards.

The three Austrian Nina Mair, Georg Öhler and Horst Philipp work together in their design team Pudelskern since 2006. The designers have their background from architecture, design and carpentry. The name Pudelskern comes from Goethe’s drama Faust: The team of designers also tries to find the truth behind good design.

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