Ransmeier & Floyd

Ransmeier & Floyd

The design team Ransmeier & Floyd includes the two American designers Leon Ransmeier, born in 1979 in New York and Gwendolyn Floyd, born in 1979 in Houston.

Both made their Bachelor of Arts at different Colleges and worked since then in different businesses like Vlaemsch and Droog Design.

After Ransmeier and Floyd got to know each other while studying, they noticed that they had similar interests and ideas for design. They worked together since then, even if it was unofficial and also unknowingly by inspiring each other while communicating and helping each other.

In 2002 both went to Europe, to the Netherlands. Besides working together, both of them still had different solo projects.

They had their breakthrough with the Hand on easy lamp shade for Droog Design. Hang on easy was the very first product of them, which went into mass production.

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