Rebecca Uth


Georg Jensen - Rebecca Salad Servers Georg Jensen - Rebecca Duo Salad Servers, stainless steel €59.00 *
Rebecca Uth

Rebecca Uth’s work began as a tribute to her greatest love Georg Jensen. She had time to browse through the attic of the Georg Jensen basement and she searched treasures in several selected archives.

These archives are a real treasure box full of memories, drawings and pictures from objects that have been manufactured with the Georg Jensen seal of approval since 1904. The archives include a whole lot starting with the 110-pieces Morning-service of Denmark’s queen, which has been designed for her husband Prince Henrik, up to drawings of the famous silver key. By the uncountable amount of books of different jewellery arts of Georg Jensen, Rebecca Uth was finally inspired by Georg Jensen’s youth style jewellery, which was addressed to the young European bohemians of the 19th century. Rebecca Uth was delighted by the romanticism of the Bohemians as well as the colours of nature and its form and creativity.

Her instinct said that a tribute to nature would mirror the unpretentiousness of today’s modern and environmental friendly women. The ornamentations of the Vintage-Design inspired Rebecca Uth so much, that she instantly begun to sketch Christmas tree ornaments in the same style – but with a modern interpretation.