Rud Thygesen & Johnny Sørensen

Rud Thygesen & Johnny Sørensen

“Time after time we are in disagreement about how something should look – if we were in agreement all the time, we wouldn’t need our team any more. Dynamism that supports and reinforces our creative argumentation and that motivates us emerges in those tense moments.”

“Who needs what and why? How far does the industrial process really reach? What can a machine potentially achieve and how far does our argumentation go? These are the questions we ask ourselves.”

Rud Thygesen and Johnny Sørensen received both studies at the University for Arts and Craftsmanship in Denmark. Together they created numerous different furniture series and mainly worked with coated wood.

Their salt and pepper rasper for Rosendahl is found on uncountable tables all around the world today, but also in permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art in New York among others.