Serge Atallah


Koziol - Kant Pizzacutter Koziol - Kant Pizzacutter, mustard green €9.95 *
Serge Atallah

Serge Atallah studied in Paris from 1989 to 1994 architecture and already worked as freelance in diverse architecture agencies and made himself fast a name during that time.

Atallah became independent with his own office in 1997. ASE product unifies design, architecture and interior design. Namely customers came soon, so that world companies such as Mc Donald’s and Euro Disney are some of the customers. Atallah has already been honoured with international awards for his work.

Atallah says that everything could inspire him – a book, a film or a person. His working principle is to always develop new functions for well-known objects and habits: so to say, redesign known designs.

”Design is all and all is design for me”, is what Atallah describes. And also the secret of a timeless design could be described directly by him: ”more simple”.