Shahar Peleg


Peleg Design - Greeting Stickers Peleg Design - Greeting Stickers €5.50 *Peleg Design - Lasso Bottles Holder Monkey Business - Lasso Bottle Holder €27.96 *Peleg Design - Chain Bottle Holder Peleg Design - Chan Bottle Holder €31.50 *
Peleg Design

The Israel designer Shahar Peleg works moved by his curiosity and the desire of transforming common things into innovative and exciting designs. Peleg Design is thereby based on three main principles: functionality, aesthetic and humour.

Shahar Peleg studied design and interior architecture at the Holon Institute of Technology. In 2004 he finally founded Peleg Design. His products find a place where daily life goes on – whether it is in the living room or the office. The designs from Peleg Design are designs to experience: visual illusions and the break with conventional invite to look a second time and to discover a completely new point of view.

Shahar Peleg uses different materials and methods for his designs. While some products are produced in greater amounts, there are other ones that are offered in limited editions. Meanwhile the products from Peleg Design are distributed all around the world. Also thanks to international expositions and diverse Design Awards such as the GAPP Design Award 2006, Shahar Peleg made his name.

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