StauffacherBenz is a studio for product design that was founded in Uster/Zurich in the year 2003 by Nicole Benz and Stefan Stauffacher. The action field from StauffacherBenz is wide sized and calibrates from robust, classical product design to fleet-footed, playful design statements.

StauffacherBenz designs small and large appliances, furniture and accessories, jewellery and exposition stands. It doesn’t matter what for a theme the designers work at, the creations are functionally innovative, formally precise and technically through thought, and they have a common aim: they shall cause happiness.

To the designers:

Nicole Benz, *1969, made an apprenticeship to primary school teacher, musician, pre-course and specialized class for jewellery and devices or Industrial Design HGK Zurich, guest semester HES Geneva. She is especially interested in the semantic aspects from design and jewellery, communicative, lateral thinking and fantasy full, never ending inventiveness.

Stefan Stauffacher, *1965, scientific studies ETH Zürich, perennial work as a water ecologist, pre-course and specialized class for product and room design HGK Basel, specialized class for Industrial Design HGK Zürich. Internships and cooperation in namely Swiss design studios. He is characterized by analytical approaches, precise and careful and a marked sense of form.

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