Stefan Lindfors

Stefan Lindfors

Stefan Lindfors graduated as Interior Architect & Furniture Designer from the University of Art and Design Helsinki (UIAH), Finland in 1988. Seemingly ambivalent to his title Lindfors continued dabbling in all possible fields of the arts, seeking for the meaning of his mission. In 1992 the Finnish-born designer received the Väinö Tanner Trailblazer Award, the largest cultural award in the Nordic countries in the 20th century, the jury called him a Renaissance Man and the Times wrote: “Calling Lindfors an Industrial Designer would be like calling a Stravinsky Symphony a nice song.”

In 2002 Stefan wrote and directed his first film, a surreal short film for telecom corp. DNA Finland. Two years later he was honoured with the London Kerrang! “Best Music Video 2004 Award” for his film “Funeral of Hearts” by HIM.

Stefan Lindfors navigates within and around design, art, architecture and film, taking on a wide range of projects all over the globe as long as the briefs and goals are challenging and rewarding enough to satisfy his drive and career as an artist as well as the needs of his clients.

Ever since his lamp “Scaragoo” was introduced at the Milan Furniture Fair in 1988 by Ingo Maurer, Lindfors has completed some two-hundred projects as Interior Architect, Designer, Sculptor and Director - aside of his exhibitions and other endeavors - for companies such as Alessi, Amnesty, Arabia, Artek, Dna, Hackman, Iittala, Ikea, Ingo Maurer GmbH, Lundia, Marimekko, Martela, Neste, Nokia, Sony Playstation, Swatch, Vitra, Warner Music.

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