Stefan Stocker

Stefan Stocker

The diploma industrial designer Stefan Stocker was born in the year 1970. He is responsible for the success of many products from the design team :echtform, that he founded with Katrin Wellmann, thanks to his competences on the area of production oriented product development.

Stefan Stockers design and technical solutions convince in the marketing area as well as in the construction area, one example for this is the PinPuc Pin-wall. Before he founded :echtform with his colleague Katrin Wellmann, Stocker also worked as a Senior Design employee at the Flöz industry-design.

Stefan Stocker's designed products were honoured with numerous designs, also the red dot design award from the Designzentrum NRW in the year 2003, and the nomination for the highest national award, the Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in the year 2004.

Stefan Stocker furthermore is the owner of a patent over the Haptic Interface.

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