Stefano Pirovano

Stefano Pirovano

Stefano Pirovano was born in Milan in 1961. He is a real multi-talent and works as product, furniture and graphic design as well as stage designer.

Stefano Pirovano combines different form approaches and focuses on a symbiosis of functional and representative elements. Among his customers are renowned companies such as Swatch, Alessi, Martini, Alcantara or Ascot.

Stefano Pirovano designed two models for the Alessi watches collection: The series Calumet is characterized by shining colours and concave watch-dials. It mirrors his creativity by searching small glossy objects that feel good. The specialty of this model is the crone, which is placed on “12 o’clock”, instead of being on “3 o’clock” as it was usual. Housing and bracelet are made out of plastic and manufactured in one only cast. All watches are adapted to women and men.

The series Callisto however, is different by its form – slim fir women and wide for men that are combined with differently coloured aluminium housings.

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