Tahmineh Javanbakht

Tahmineh Javanbakht

Tahmineh Javanbakht is co-founder of Artecnica. The awarded painter of the American company gives fresh thoughts as Creative Director – not only in product design.

Tahmineh Javanbakht teaches experimental painting at the Art Centre College of Design in Pasadena, California. Creativity should still be useful for her: later Tahmineh Javanbakht founded the company Artecnica together with Enrico Bressan.

Tahmineh Javanbakht proves that good product designs aren’t the only thing belonging to a Creative Director's work: Design also has a social component in the creative head of Artecnica – that is the reason why Tahmineh Javanbakht started the project “Design with Conscience” in 2002. The aim focusses on fulfilling aesthetical, social and ethnical senses.

Initially in Guatemala, later also in Brazil and Peru there was “Design with Conscience”, offering the indigenes the chance of proving their talents for worldwide sold products and own cultural influence in design. This is how sustainable products emerged in cooperation with designers such as Hella Jongerius or the Design Academy in Eindhoven, not only being environment friendly and good looking, but also offering the possibility of respected work to people. Design with Conscience is a good example for eco-design, which presents socially and ecological products that are stylish and sophisticated at the same time.