Tejo Remy

Tejo Remy

The Dutch designer Tejo Remy works as an independent product and furniture designer in Utrecht. He also teaches at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, also in Utrecht.

Tejo Remys Designscombines a nostalgic note with a coeval function, which is shown in the combinations of oldmaterials and technics with new forms and applicability which are alot ahead in time. As a special highlight has every product, a breath of typical dry Dutch humour.

Tejo Remy has been working for years as a product and furniture designer, and not long ago he started to work in cooperation with Rene Veenhuizen and they founded Remy/Veenhuizen. As a design team are they specialized on single products plumbwith their designs boundries of the design.

Remys Rag Chair, the Chest of Drawers and of course the Milk Bottle Lamp, which was designed for Droog Design, opened the door to a new generation of designer who work with already known and unknown materials, new forms and with the relaunch of famous objects.

Since Tejo Remy works in cooperation with Rene Veenhuizen, have both permanently explored the natire of the objects and designed with that the products which address the user or owner on a personal level. The designers are inspired by famous forms. They define their ideas new and want the users to think about the interactions of the solutionary product, with their surrounding and the objects.

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