Thomas E. Alken Møbel

Thomas E. Alken Møbel

Thomas E. Alken Møbel got his diploma at the Copenhagen Design School in 1997 and continued his training at the University for Arts and Design in Helsinki.

Alken Møbel founded his own design studio in Copenhagen in 1997. He is the chairman of the board of directors of the “Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition” since 2005 and member of the council board of Danish designers since 2007. The Danish was named member of the schools inspectors of the Danish Designskole in Copenhagen in 2009.

Thomas E. Alken Møbel still leads his own design studio in the heart of Copenhagen, near the beautiful botanic garden. His studio focusses on furniture and product design as well as on design consultancy for Danish and international customers. Alken describes his design studio as small, but passionate with wide know-how and huge ambitions.

”We believe in the power of a strong concept. Starting with a functional and pretty shape, focussing on the human body and the surrounding, we want to design durable, relevant products. Thereby we optimize material and manufacturing processes in a structured and open working plan.”