Ulrichadolf Namislow

Design im Dorf - Luminous Bag Design im Dorf - luminous bag large, 40 cm tall €44.00 * 5 von 5Design im Dorf - Luminous Bag Design im Dorf - luminous bag small, 30 cm tall €40.00 * 5 von 5
Ulrichadolf Namislow

”As a result I prefer constructive solutions, this means shape consciousness that permit coherent and still have poetic attractions, reflections. They ground or give wings to purely functional aspects. Both aspects are found in the Design in Dorf created product ideas – sometimes more, sometimes less developed”.

Prof. Ulrichadolf Namislow

  • 1948 born in Essen
  • Graphic design studies at the Folkwangschule Essen
  • 1982 - 1998 Book publications
  • Since 1980 designs for Naef (several Design Plus Awards)
  • Since 1984 designs for Authentics
  • Since 1986 Professor for design basics at the University Mainz
  • currently designs lamps for Brainbox

Ulrichadolf Namislow prefers wood as material for his work. The designer is fascinated by the nature and therewith of the vivacity of the material. Colours and tones reach from slight maple to ebony black. Thereby the vivid, organic fine structure of the wood makes up his nearly unbeatable attraction. Technical wood and multiplex have an exceptionally individual aesthetics. That is how succeeded provocations emerge, making the characteristic of the designs by Ulrichadolf Namislow.