Production & People

The Domus lamps are made by people, for people. The technical equipment of the company is the basis; still Domus sees itself as manufacture where skills and the handicraft know-how of the employees are focused in the foreground. This is the ground, to be fast and flexible on changing customers’ demands.

That is why Domus has panning people and architects for special constructions at its side as dynamic and powerful partners. The appearance of a Domus lamp is team-work. Designers, wood experts, constructors and light planners create products that will serve people. Thereby Domus does not follow fast-passing trends, but fulfils the demand of timeless, long-lasting lamps.

Menschen machen Domus

The essential parts of the Domus lamps are manufactured by Domus themselves. That is how each one in the production factory sees the Domus lamp as a whole. All of them work for a long lasting, sophisticated product, out of high quality raw material.

The company’s philosophy is summarized by Domus like this: ”Our customers and friends all around the worlds influence and inspire our everyday-work. The continuous contact serves as important source for new ideas and as a daily motivation. People are the focus of our actions. We want to crate things that the people find useful and enjoyable.”