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The book publisher DuMont was founded in 1956 and initially it concentrated on art literature, leading the way with important standard works on modernity. Since the 1970s, for about three decades, travel literature and travel guides formed a core area.
In 1956 DuMont introduced its first literature program.

Today DuMont combines the areas of literature, art and non-fiction books. The literature program comprises German-speaking, as well as international contemporary literature, novels as well as lyrics. Non-fictional literature includes political literature, biographies, cultural history, travel literature and popular science. The art section comprises high-quality illustrated books about the history of art from the renaissance up to the present, artist monographs, works about art theory, photography and architecture.

About 120 books are published every year, about 20 of which are published in the areas of literature and non-fictional literature, 10 new crash courses and about 70 art books.

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