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Since the foundation in 1906 by Heinrich Flötotto, the Gutersloh based company Flötotto constantly developed to become one of the most famous brands in Germany.

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Flötotto 1906 until today - one family with company spirit

Since its foundation in the year 1906 by Heinrich Flötotto, the Gutersloh based company Flötotto constantly developed to become one of the most famous furniture brands in Germany. Every third German knows the tradition company, which was further led by the founder’s grandchild Frederik Flötotto since 2008.

From the furniture workshop until the serial production: By the soon change to an industrial production, the company grew fast until the 1940es, becoming a great furniture factory.

Heinrich’s sons Franz and Fritz entered the company. While Franz still manufactured living furniture, Fritz began developing ergonomic shaped office and school furniture in the 1950s. He patented the later on world famous innovative Pag-form-seat in 1952: A seat out of compressed, phenol-resin covered beech plywood – principally a bowl out of wood with the advantages of synthetics. More than 21 million pieces of this Flötotto form-seat already have been sold.

Between 1969 and 1991, the third family generation of the company entered the business. Independent from each other, the sons of Franz, Elmar and Hubertus, as well as Fritz’ son Reinhard developed different business fields which were all related to the furniture distribution for private and public areas.

A future oriented design that still embosses the strong image of the brand emerged in the 1970s at Flötotto. The Flötotto profiles system is a robust, stable and very flexible design, which is a classic today. At the same time, Flötotto was the first company to distribute its products directly to private customers.

After the expansion in the 1980s, as well as financial difficulties in the end of the 1990s – in this phase it came to changes in the business’ constellation – the company re-entered its path at the end of 2007 by means of the Elmar Flötotto Holding that bought the Flötotto brand and production rights. Since the year 2008 Flötotto System Furniture GmbH works in the same house where also the family led Elmar Flötotto Holding is. As a fixed institution of the international design branch, the Holding proves its competence in furniture and lamps as well as accessories for the kitchen, bathroom and office again and again with its brands Flötotto, Authentics and Sitting Bull since many years.

Flötotto and the future: a company in movement

The further development of innovative and flexible furnishings has the highest priority at the Flötotto company. A team of internationally renowned designers focuses on the questions: how are we going to live, work and learn in a future? And how is Flötotto going to co-design the future of living, learning and working keeping in mind themes such as ergonomics, ecology and sustainability? These are the reasons why the company invested more than 3 million Euros, only in 20011 in the newest manufacturing techniques and also in product development at the production-base Delbrück-Westenholz. With the development of the chairs collection PRO, which was made with the cooperation of the designer Konstantin Grcic, Flötotto connects to the successful tradition in manufacturing school furniture from 2012 on.

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