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Anders Folke Andersen founded his own design company Foxy Potato in 2009. The Danish manufacturer encourages local production and uncompromising quality.


Foxy Potato - Beck Coffee Table B 46 (small) Foxy Potato - Beck Coffee Table B 46, white/ natural oak €632.00 *Foxy Potato - Beck Side Table B 36 Foxy Potato - Beck Side Table B 36, white / natural oak €579.00 *Foxy Potato - Vega Magazine Rack Foxy Potato - Vega Magazine Rack €349.00 * 5 von 5Foxy Potato - Beck Coffee Table B 49 (large) Foxy Potato - Beck Coffee Table B 49, white / natural oak €858.00 *

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Anders Folke Andersen and Rikke Beck founded the design company Foxy Potato in 2005. Until now, the Danish manufacturer distributes their furniture in Denmark, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands.

The history of Foxy Potato began when trained carpenter Andersen and his partner at the time Rikke Beck Christensen, a decorator, were looking for a suitable couch table for their Copenhagen apartment – without success. Since they couldn’t find a suitable piece of furniture even after intensive searching, they decided to become active furniture designers themselves.

The label “Made in Denmark” is the irrefutable trademark of Foxy Potato. The uncompromising quality is ensured by local production, which characterises every Foxy Potato design – from the drawing board to the finished product. The proud Danish furniture tradition and the symbiosis of design and production in one house are the basis on top of which the Scandinavian company builds its philosophy.

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