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Gifts for Employees

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Vitra - Storage Toolbox  Vitra - Storage Toolbox from €29.00 * 5 von 5Hay - Wooden Hand  Hay - Wooden Hand from €19.00 * 4.5 von 5Hay - Bullet Pen  Hay - Bullet Pen from €6.00 *Design Letters - AJ Porcelain Cups  Design Letters - AJ Porcelain Cups from €16.50 * 4.5 von 5Connox Collection - Book Hook  Connox Collection - Book Hook from €45.00 * 5 von 5Hay - Multipurpose office scissors  Hay - Multipurpose office scissors from €12.00 * 3 von 5Vitra - Elephant Pad Vitra - Elephant Pad from €25.00 * 4.33 von 5Essey - Pen Pen Pen Holder Essey - Pen Pen Pen Holder from €14.90 *Design Letters - Weekly Planner A4 Design Letters - Weekly Planner A4 €14.00 *ferm Living - Clipboard ferm Living - Clipboard from €18.00 *Take2 Design - Jack the Cherstnut fright Take2 Design - Jack the Cherstnut fright €14.90 *Alessi - Magnetic paper clip holder Chip Alessi - Magnetic paper clip holder Chip €43.00 *Palomar - Pin World Palomar - Pin World from €34.00 *Jack Daniel's - Wood Smoking Chips Jack Daniel's - Wood Smoking Chips €11.95 (€11.95/kg) * 5 von 5Bodum - Schiuma Milk Frother Bodum - Schiuma Milk Frother from €8.90 *Hoptimist - Woody Bumble Hoptimist - Woody Bumble from €49.95 *Konstantin Slawinski - SL31 Home Made Baking Tin Konstantin Slawinski - SL31 Home Made Baking Tin €23.90 *Authentics - Pen Clip Authentics - Pen Clip from €9.90 *Jenaer Glas - Wagenfeld Egg Boiler XXL / Oven Dish Jenaer Glas - Wagenfeld Egg Boiler XXL / Oven Dish €20.50 *Pit Green Pit Green €39.00 *siebensachen - Babel Notes Tower siebensachen - Babel Notes Tower from €39.90 *Eva Solo - Caffé Latte Cup Eva Solo - Caffé Latte Cup from €29.95 *Normann Copenhagen - Tea Egg Normann Copenhagen - Tea Egg from €16.00 *Atoma - Basic Notebook Atoma - Basic Notebook from €4.70 *Dotty Edition - Dot On Four Months Planner Dotty Edition - Dot On Four Months Planner €23.90 *j-me - Rewind desk tidy j-me - Rewind desk tidy from €24.95 * 5 von 5Bodum - Chambord Plastic Tea Maker Bodum - Chambord Plastic Tea Maker from €19.90 *Polar Pen - Polar Pen + Stylus Polar Pen - Polar Pen + Stylus €39.90 *Moleskine - Cahier Notebook Moleskine - Cahier Notebook from €6.50 *Moleskine - Writing-set gift box Moleskine - Writing-set gift box €34.90 *siebensachen - QReetings Postcards siebensachen - QReetings Postcards €9.90 *ThreeByThree - Pocket Strip Organizer ThreeByThree - Pocket Strip Organizer from €34.90 *areaware - Concrete Desk Set areaware - Concrete Desk Set from €75.00 *Dotty Edition - Dot On Half-Year Planner Dotty Edition - Dot On Half-Year Planner €23.90 *A di Alessi - Progiotti cookie cutters A di Alessi - Progiotti cookie cutters €35.00 *Playsam - Crayon Pen Playsam - Crayon Pen from €31.50 *

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siebensachen - Babel Notes Tower

h2}Gifts for Employees – for Christmas or Corporate Celebrations
Small gifts are regarded as positive reinforcement. In everyday work, they are a sign of appreciation, and this increases the motivation of your employees. The psychological effect is one of recognition and communication, which motivates employees to achieve excellence and to develop and grow. Numerous studies have confirmed the positive outcomes. In addition to increased productivity, the climate in the workplace benefits from mutual recognition and appreciation. And all this can be brought about by a small gift for an employee. Christmas, or corporate celebrations, for example, are excellent occasions for gifts. You will find a selection of gifts for employees in the Connox interior design shop.

Gifts for Employees in Our Interior Design Shop – Your Advantages at a Glance:

– Curated assortment of products with top designer brands
– High-quality gifts from renowned designers
– Direct and easy purchase online
– Personal assistance from our customer service team
– Fair shipping costs
– Secure payment thanks to SSL encryption
– Data protection – certified by TÜV
– Fast delivery
– Best price guarantee

Gifts – Much More than a Reward

It’s true that employees already receive recognition for their work: their salary. But they are especially pleased when the recognition is unexpected and out of the ordinary. It demonstrates to them that their own individual achievements have been noticed. In return, employees will be quicker to agree to more than just working to rule. They will be prepared to provide extra efforts beyond their strictly contractual work. Overtime is a small return for the appreciation you have offered to your employees – for example, with an employee gift at Christmas or as part of a corporate celebration. Activity at work becomes a mix of give and take, the atmosphere in the workplace is positive and relaxed. You will see: gifts for employees are an investment in your company's success.

Making Tax-Free Gifts to Employees

Providing tax-free gifts to employees has to be done carefully. Too much of a good thing has its disadvantages from the tax point of view. From 2015 the allowance has increased from 40 euros to 60 euros. For gifts valued below these thresholds, the company has no tax to pay. If the value is over, tax is due – for the entire amount. Also, a gift for an employee must bring a certain physical benefit – for example, a wine carafe, a bag, or a business card holder. Gift vouchers are another option.

A Big Variety of Gifts for Employees – Neutral, Classy or Fun

Even small gifts can be something special. In the Connox interior design shop, you will find a large variety of products in the price range of up to £60 that say to an employee: You are doing great work, thank you for your commitment! With high-quality office accessories for your staff, you can’t go wrong. The manufacturer Moleskine offers many different notebooks – including those which also serve as iPad covers – and stylish metal pens. Those who like something with more class have the option of glass carafes, for example by Eva Solo, Menu or Royal VKB. Drip-free carafes for vinegar and oil by Eva Solo are also a beautiful gift for employees. Playful gifts include Christmas figurines and biscuit cutters from A di Alessi and the Hoptimists range from Hoptimist. Choose your personal favourites and let our ideas inspire you!

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