Gifts for 18th birthdays

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Vitra - Storage Toolbox  Vitra - Storage Toolbox from €29.00 * 5 von 5Flos - Mayday Multipurpose Light  Flos - Mayday Multipurpose Light from €95.00 * 5 von 5Vitra - Panton Chair Vitra - Panton Chair from €249.00 * 3 von 5Normann Copenhagen - Flip Mirror Normann Copenhagen - Flip Mirror from €95.00 *pleased to meet - Happy birthday whale card pleased to meet - Happy birthday whale card €3.75 *Konstantin Slawinski - Charge-Box Konstantin Slawinski - Charge-Box from €79.90 *Haseform - Book Tower Haseform - Book Tower from €105.00 * 5 von 5Umbra - T-Frame Umbra - T-Frame €30.00 *pleased to meet - Birthday lights card pleased to meet - Birthday lights card €3.75 *pleased to meet - Birthday cake card pleased to meet - Birthday cake card €3.75 *Fatboy - Original Beanbag Fatboy - Original Beanbag from €189.95 * 4.8 von 5Alessi - Cronotime Table Clock Alessi - Cronotime Table Clock €52.00 *Luckies - Scratch Map Luckies - Scratch Map €29.95 *pleased to meet - Birthday billboard card pleased to meet - Birthday billboard card €3.75 *Labyrinth - Palette-It Coasters Labyrinth - Palette-It Coasters €16.00 *Danese Milano - Ameland Paper Knife Danese Milano - Ameland Paper Knife €41.90 *reisenthel - binbox reisenthel - binbox from €39.90 *Cacoon - Single Hanging Chair Cacoon - Single Hanging Chair from €299.00 *Philippi - Giorgio Watch Box Philippi - Giorgio Watch Box €69.00 *Menu - Jewellery Box Menu - Jewellery Box from €109.95 *Fatboy - Klaid Blanket Fatboy - Klaid Blanket from €119.95 *Sack it - Woof it Loudspeaker Sack it - Woof it Loudspeaker from €59.00 *Lexon - Titanium Radio Alarm Clock Lexon - Titanium Radio Alarm Clock €119.90 *Menu - Jewellery Tree Menu - Jewellery Tree €69.95 *Rosendahl - Watch - digital Rosendahl - Watch - digital €249.00 *spectrum - Paperback Shelving System spectrum - Paperback Shelving System from €361.00 * 5 von 5Tivoli Audio - Model One BT Tivoli Audio - Model One BT from €229.00 *Menu - Jewellery flacon Menu - Jewellery flacon from €39.00 * 5 von 5by Lassen - Twin 42 Side Table by Lassen - Twin 42 Side Table from €299.00 *Suck Uk - My Family Cookbook Suck Uk - My Family Cookbook €34.95 *Zwiesel 1872 - Hommage Comète Whisky Set Zwiesel 1872 - Hommage Comète Whisky Set €182.50 *XLBoom - Image Frame Multi Photo XLBoom - Image Frame Multi Photo from €130.00 *Danese - Formosa Danese - Formosa from €142.80 *Swedese - Log Seat Series Swedese - Log Seat Series from €581.00 *Luckies - Undercover Laptop Sleeve Luckies - Undercover Laptop Sleeve €29.95 *Kyouei Design - Liquid Bookmark Kyouei Design - Liquid Bookmark €18.00 *

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Danese Milano - Formosa (alu / red)

Gifts for 18th Birthdays - Spectacular Eye-Catchers and more

An 18th birthday is a very special day, which should be celebrated in the life of every person. unique gifts are sought in line with the occasion: individually selected and yet useful. Stylish furnishings are just as conceivable as innovative, and attractive ideas for travel that not everyone has. In the online shop by Connox you can find many varied gift ideas - be inspired!

Looking for Cosy Highlights for a Student Room?

18th birthday gifts often present a challenge for the gift giver. Modern and space saving furniture is a nice idea, especially when young adults are leaving home to study in another place in the foreseeable future. Student rooms are often small and require original ideas that don’t skimp out on convenience. The Original bean bag by Fatboy offers several advantages: it has subtle and crisp colours, is easy to clean and can be used for different purposes. Looking for gifts for her specifically? The Panton Chair by Vitra is a similarly stylish and yet very special chair: the chair surprises with its flowing form of only one material. Also made for the student room is the Book Tower by Haseform: space-saving and virtually invisible, it quickly becomes an indispensable place for books.

18th Birthday Gifts in our Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages

Creative Gifts for Him

The stools and benches in the Swedese Log seating series are truly unique and bring a piece of true nature into the living room: the pieces of furniture are not only surprising on account of their unconventional shape, but are also made of oak and are naturally lacquered. It’s also nice that they’re offered as a stool or bench in two sizes. The pieces of furniture are good for smaller rooms or can be combined into original seating. Travel enthusiasts can inspire admiring and maybe even envious looks from visitors.This is ensured by the Scratch Map by Luckies, which serves a very special purpose. Visited locations and related information can be rubbed open on this visually beautiful world map with fine gold coating. A very personal and individual gift for real world travellers and those who want to become one. Find more creative 18th birthday gifts here in our shop.

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