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The Lovebirds by Kay Bojesen fit in any interior decoration

Valentine's Gifts - for the Day of Lovers...

If Valentine's day is coming, spring is not far away either. Since having a crush does not depend on the outside temperatures: every year lovers show their affection and love on February, 14th with kissing, flowers, and other proofs of love.

What many don't know: it wasn’t jewellers and florists who have invented the Valentine's day. The Valentine's day actually comes from medieval England, where it matched lovers in the 15th century already. Even back then, the one or the other Valentine's gift was given as a token of love.

Today, the day of the lovers is celebrated everywhere in the world: in Europe and America, couples make gifts, in the spirit of the classic Valentine's day. In South Africa you celebrate in public, in Japan, women even give presents to their boss at times. The custom to attach a lock to a bridge comes from Italy. And the Finns celebrate the "day of friendship", where you can give gifts also to all the other nice people in your life. What all countries unites: one shows his affection to nice people with a little Valentine's Day present.

It needn’t be Flowers all the Time - Valentine's Gifts in the Interior Design Shop

That’s why there is no need to always give flowers - we have compiled the best gifts for Valentine's day here. Creative Valentine's gifts with surprise and classical, romantic gifts - there is something for every taste. Find gifts with a whole lot of heart - and buy it quickly, safely and conveniently in the interior design shop. Be inspired by our gift ideas!