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The Hase GmbH from Trier aims to create something new with every product, be it regarding design, construction, appearance or technical aspects.

The Hase GmbH, better known as Haseform, combines modern, computer supported production and contemporary shapes for innovative and intelligent products. The strong interplay between technique, handicraft and design is mirrored in responsible persons: The Hase GmbH or Haseform consists of Hans Hase, a locksmith, Frank Schlicker, an engineer and Hannes Freising, an architect.

The technical approach is realised in cooperation with the Hase metal processing factory in Trier. The core competences of the Hase metal processing are in laser cutting, turning, milling, edging, welding, powder coating, beaming as well as in construction and design. This is how the demanding construction of products such as the book tower are realised.

When it comes to realising a product, Haseform starts with the technique. This way, new perspectives and possibilities are discovered. The technical possibilities change the design and the raw material in order to achieve unique shapes and fill them with life.

The highly complicated manufacturing techniques make simple products possible. A Haseform, this is characterised by clearness and simplicity. Form and purpose are intrinsic and sometimes, as in the case of the book tower, are less important than function.

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