Customer account

Create your customer account

How do I log in?

To log in with your customer information is always the first step. The first question is then: “customer or new customer”?

  • If you already have ordered once at Connox or if you ordered the newsletter, you will be able to sign in with your user data. Therefore click on "Customer account". Connox customers will be able to log in with their E-Mail address or customer number and password. Amazon customers will be able to sign in with their customer number and password. Introduce the data in the provided fields and confirm the information by clicking on “Log in”. That will be the moment you enter your customer account.
  • Find out how to sign in as new customer below.

What happens if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, it won’t be a problem. Click on “Customer account” in the Top-Navigation, insert your E-Mail address under “Forgot password” and confirm by clicking on “Request password”. In a few seconds you will get an E-Mail with a new personal password. Of course you will be able to change your password in the customer area whenever you want.

How do I sign up as new customer?

In first instance you will have to sign in, this means to create a customer account. This is possible on the page “Customer registration”.
Introduce your address in the according fields and click on „Submit registration” You will get a confirmation E-Mail after a few seconds.

Please note: The fields marked with * are mandatory fields and they must be filled!

Change customer information

How can I change my customer information?

In order to change your information, like invoice address, delivery address, password or E-Mail, please log in at "Customer account" and click on the according button “invoice address”, “delivery address” or your data”. Furthermore you will be able to submit for or cancel the Connox newsletter as well as to create and change your wish lists.

Order status

Find information about your current and past orders in your customer account. After signing up, you will find an overview of all the orders, vouchers and invoices by clicking on “Your orders”. Find according categories under the single points and also detailed information about order contents and shipping numbers and the option of printing invoices and vouchers in PDF formats.

Wish list

With our wish list function you can remember desired articles and also manage them. You can also publish the list, for example for marriage gifts.

What is a wish list and what’s the use of it?

A wish list is a practical function in our Online Shop. You can insert articles that you like in your wish list with a simple click. The list can be then sent to your friends and relatives. You only have to send them a link.

The people you chose will thus learn what your wishes are and they also have a direct access to our Online Shop. Moreover it is practical that an article that was bought is going to be marked as such on the list. Double gifts are excluded like this – unless an article is twice desired.

How do I create a wish list?

It is simple to create a wish list. You only have to click on the “add to wish list” symbol under the “add to cart” button of the desired article. You will see that the article was added to your wish list on the top navigation.

For the possibility of using the administration function of the wish list(s) you have to sign in with your user name with a click on the "Customer account" button in the customer area.

How do I administrate my wish list(s)?

After you successfully signed in, you can use the large wish list functions in the customer area. For this click on the menu-button “wish list” initially.

If you added an article of the shop to your wish list, this one will automatically appear on your wish list 1. Now you can easily give a name to your list, as well as you can publish it or create more wish lists.

Create a new wish list

To create a new wish list you only have to click on the wish list subitem “management”. Here is where you can administrate wish lists that already exist, or create a new one. To create a new one, insert the name you want to give to your wish list in the “create a new wish list” field and click on “create”.

In the selection of your wish list there will now be a list of your new wish lists that you can administrate and edit.

Edit a wish list

To edit a wish list you have to click on the “edit” button behind the corresponding wish list in the wish list administration area. Under the name of your wish list there will now appear the options “edit properties” and “delete list”. Click on the “edit properties” button to rename your wish list as well as to add a description to it or to publish it.

Publishing a wish list

If you want to publish your wish list, insert a tick behind “public list” in the menu button “edit properties” of the selected wish list. Click then below on the “save changes” button. On the following page you will now see a link with your saved wish list. This link can be sent to your friends.

With this function you might for example organize marriage gifts.

How to delete or move an article between the wish lists

To move an article it is initially important that you created more than one wish list. If there is only one wish list, the option “move to wish list” won’t be shown.

If you possess more than one wish list you can click on the wish list where the article that you want to move is placed, click then on “edit”.

Now you will see a list of the chosen articles on your wish list. Under the name, besides the amount of the desired article there is a selection under the “move to wish list” topic. Here is where you can choose the wish list where the article has to be moved to.

If you want to delete an article from your wish list, you only have to click on the “x” field besides the name of the article in the same menu.

How to delete a wish list

To delete a complete wish list, please enter the processing menu of the desired list. Under the name of the list there is a “delete list” button. Simply click on this button and confirm it.