Invite Friends

Do you like Connox and want to spread the word? That's makes us really happy! Let us show you what need to know.

Your Advantages

If you are a ConnoxPlus member and want to recommend us to a friend, we thank you for your loyalty by rewarding your with 1000 ConnoxPoints when your referred friend makes their first purchase. For every one of their orders thereafter, you will receive an additional 100 points which you can redeem on your next order.

Sending the Invitation

To invite friends and get rewards as a result, you first need to log in to your customer account as ConnoxPlus member. In your customer account, you will find the menu item Invite Friends. By clicking on the subpage, you can choose whether to invite your friends via email, Facebook, whatsapp or with a link. You can then send the invitation by clicking on the corresponding button.

Connox Points Credit

If your friend registers via the link you sent through Connox and makes his first purchase, you will receive 1000 ConnoxPoints. For every additional purchase made by your friend thereafter, you will receive 100 ConnoxPoints. The ConnoxPoints will automatically be credited to your customer account 30 days after your friend's purchase and can be used directly on your next order. We will inform you by e-mail as soon as the points are in your customer account.

Invited Friends

If you have received an invitation to Connox from a friend, you can register for free as a ConnoxPlus member and receive a voucher of €10/$10 for purchases over €80/$80 as a welcome gift. You will also have the opportunity to invite friends and benefit from other advantages. Or you can create a standard account. When you register, your friend is informed when you have purchased from Connox and receives 1000 ConnoxPoints 30 days after your first purchase and 100 ConnoxPoints for each additional purchase made. What you buy and how much you have spent is not disclosed.