Holmegaard - Christmas Collection 2016

Holmegaard - Christmas Collection 2016

Fairy-Tale Christmas Collection

The Holmegaard Christmas Collection 2016 by Jette Frölich consisting of glasses, bottles, bowls, candle holders and an advent candle this year, is based on one of the most beautiful fairy-tales by Hans Christian Andersen: "The Fir-Tree" from the year 1945.

Trimmed Christmas Trees and Wood Scenes in Winter

The tale describes the story of a fir tree. While growing in the woods, the tree is often overlooked. He experiences his first merry Christmas Eve as beautifully decorated and trimmed tree in the living room with the reflection of the candle lights on his branches in the children's and adult's eyes.

The products of the Christmas Collection 2016 are accordingly adorned with Christmas trees and wintery scenes from the forest, which display the fairy-tale in a narrative way.

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