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A chemist and inventor named Hermann Holtz lived in Wiesbaden many, many years ago. Holtz is a medium-sized company with more than 50 employees today.

Holtz - sense Book Flap Holtz - sense Book Flap Medium - blank €16.90 *Holtz - sense Book Flap Holtz - sense Book Flap Large - blank €29.90 *Holtz - sense Book Red Rubber Holtz - sense Book Red Rubber Large - blank €22.90 *

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A chemist and inventor named Hermann Holtz lived in Wiesbaden many, many years ago. Hermann Holtz like almost everyone in the years after 1945, was busy with rebuilding his life after the war.

An economic miracle - A history of success

Many things had been destroyed; it was difficult or impossible to find important work tools. Hermann Holtz often sat in his small backyard workshop next to his chemist’s thinking about how to attach something without glue, screws or nails. Initially, he brought a big metal board for his own needs as a chemist and looked for ways of attaching business papers to it for planning.

Holtz saw the solution in magnets, which couldn’t be bought as normal in office supply shops like today. However, he found what he was looking for, as Hermann Holtz wasn’t lacking in ingenuity: He finally found it in his son’s room, red ladybirds on magnets. There were no more limits for his inventive genius and the Holtz business began to grow.

The Transotype Collection

Modern graphic materials and the Copic marker soon joined the Transotype brand portfolio. Transotype became known in the 60s for transfer letters, self-adhesive pattern and colour sheets as well as further numerous professional graphic articles. The growing assortment of professional graphic items ensured that the Transotype brand has grown to now become a full-range supplier in this segment. senseBook, a leather notebook, which appeals to the senses, has expanded the previous assortment since the beginning of 2013. The assortment consists of light tables, cutting mats & cutters, portfolios, scribble pens, electric rubbers, retouching markers and foam board plates etc.

In the meantime the family company management is in its third generation and Holtz products are sold as far away as Brazil and Japan. However the motto is still the same after decades: “Make good better still.” The Holtz company due to its tradition and continuous further development won the “Big Prize for Medium-Sized Companies” (in German: “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes”) in 2011. And the story of this German medium-sized company is by no means over.

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