Styling your balcony - made easy: 5 ideas for your city oasis

Garden table - a design dining area for the green livingThe days are getting longer, the sun fights more often through the clouds. The warmth of the first rays of the sun makes you look forward to the summer - and to mild evenings in the open air! Time to cover the grey, bald balcony with winter charm with a summer coat. With our five ideas for the design of the balcony, you conjure up a personal free air oasis on your balcony in the middle of the city in no time at all.


1. Balcony furniture make the start
2. Balcony design with plants
3. Outdoor textiles for more comfort
4. Balcony decoration: creating ambience with the right accessories
5. Lights for the right mood

Before you go to work, it is necessary to eliminate the vestiges of winter: empty plant pots, bottles, sport shoes and everything that has accumulated over the cold months, need to be cleared away, then a sweep through and make room for the new!

How you arrange your balcony , depends on various factors: the size, the alignment, the purpose and the preferred style.

The most important point: How big is your balcony? Even small two square meter balconies offer lots of possibilities - also, if you have to do without large-scale lounge furniture . Measure your balcony accurately , so you know how much space is available. You find the measurements of the balcony furniture and accessories in our shop on the respective product pages. Tip: Online interior design planner allow you to move furniture and facilitate the design and set up.

Breakfast with Bistro Balcony Table Which direction is your balcony oriented to? South facing balconies score with lots of sunlight, wooden furniture can quickly dry after rain. In case your balcony is aligned to the North you should look for weatherproof furniture, made of aluminium, for example.

On both - size and orientation - depends also the possibility of use . There is often not enough space on the balcony to accommodate flowers and a vegetable patch, as well as a corner for Bistro meals and a sun terrace at the same time. A sun lounger is ideal for South balconies, on East balconies it is wonderful to start the day with a delicious breakfast at a bistro table with matching chairs.

As soon as the the framework conditions have been clarified, we come to the most beautiful issue, the question of optics: Which style should it be - rustic, purist or colourful? Have you answered these questions for yourself, you can assess our five balcony ideas and implement the one or the other inspiration.

1. Balcony furniture make the start

Designers around the world have grappled with the challenges of urban life and designed furniture that offer maximum comfort in a small space - perfect for small balconies. The Vendia series by Skagerak is compact, but appears very classy, thanks to the wood and the soft shape. The chairs can be folded and therefore be stored in a space-saving way in winter. Even if it doesn't look like it: the little wooden chair is extremely comfortable!

Covering very little space, poufs are a nice alternative to chairs. They are space-saving and nevertheless spread a lounge atmosphere. In an appropriate height, weatherproof stools like the Lucca cube by Jan Kurtz can be used as table. Otherwise, folding tables are perfect for small balconies. When folded they create space to go through or for an additional chair, unfolded, they offer space for breakfast, coffee or dinner. The manufacturer Fermob offers compact tables and Bistro chairs in varied designs and many colours.

Space-saving elegance with the Skagerak Vendia table and chairs Trimm Copenhagen - full moon pouf, beige Peaceful haven by Fermob

For those who have more space available, outdoor chairs and large tables are the best option. The sixties collection by fermob made of coloured aluminium offers plenty of comfort despite the airy exterior. The weatherproof lounge furniture by Sitting Bull and Fatboy literally invite you to relax and sun bath.

2. Balcony design with plants

Plants break up the balcony furniture, offer cheerful colour accents, serve as privacy and hide unsightly railings and walls if necessary. Just when not much space is available, planting bags are the products of choice. Bacsac's planting bags are made of 100% recyclable geotextile and are breathable, UV resistant and frost-resistant. Because they cling to soil and plant, they occupy very little space in contrast to bulky plant pots on the railing. The pots of the manufacturer rephorm are positioned on the balcony railing just like a saddle - half inside, half outside the balcony - and therefore take half the space.

Those who still have room inside of the railing can complement the window boxes with some colourful planting bags and pots along the edge of the balcony. Different containers, and various species of plants - shrubs and small trees, tomato plants, wild climbing flowers and herbs - create a cheerful, summery image.

Bacsac - Jardinière Accroché hanging bag 3, 25 litres Bacsac - Outdoor Batyline - group urbanature - vertical garden, set of 4

Tip: Position some plants vertically. It saves space and provides beautiful interruptions on the wall. The vertical garden by urbanature and the Xpot by Edition Compagnie allow to plant flowers vertically in a row.

3. Outdoor textiles for more comfort

In the apartment, carpets provide for coziness for a long time already. Have you ever thought of putting a carpet on the balcony? Fatboy and Objekten offer various, weather-resistant outdoor rugs that thanks to its highly durable material are resistant to rain and dirt. Especially in connection with ground-level poufs, low tables and colourful outdoor cushions, a comfortable lounge area is created. By the way, cushions are also a must for any garden chair and bench! In our outdoor textiles section you find next to cushions, weatherproof blankets and pads. The fabrics are UV-resistant and can be simply wiped and cleaned with a damp cloth.

Objekten - Kangaroo pillows and Passo carpet Essential Accessory for the Summer Fermob - Outdoor Cushions of the Cabanon Collection

4. Balcony decoration: creating ambience with the right accessories

With the one or the other accessory, you put the finishing touches to your private balcony. Set your garden table beautifully - with table mats, colourful dishes and a flower on the table - in a summer vase or in a beautiful flowerpot . Especially summery appear the Origo collection by Iittala and the fabulous dishes of Bjørn Wiinblad . For those who like more simple designs, can set spring-like accents with the pastel Emma series by Stelton . By the way: the place mats by fermob are also suitable for outdoor use. They consist of TOG, a technical outdoor fabric made of coated polyester, and like that are very sturdy and easy to clean.

A side table or serving trolley is a practical as well as decorative addition to your garden furniture - as storage for utensils, Grill accessories and food, or as a table for flowers. While the block side cart by Normann Copenhagen needs to be put inside again in the evening, the trolley by fermob is especially suitable for the outdoor use.

A bird feeder is not only a beautiful balcony decoration, it also provides for cheerful singing visits. Unusual forms and modern materials make the classic "Nest box" a decorative design object. The Tweet bird feeder by XD design and the Birdy birdhouse by Eternit have nothing more in common with the conventional wooden houses.

Matching the colours of Fermob furniture Sufficient space on Guéridons Eva Solo - Table grill, white

Grill masters have only been waiting for this: a barbecue rounds off the balcony facilities. Perfectly suitable for the small room on the balcony are for example the table grill by Eva solo or the Bruce handrail grill . Also the table Grill by LotusGrill is small and also scores with a low smoke development.

5. Lights for the right mood

The right light is especially important for the atmosphere just when the dusk falls. Therefore light is better not neglected in the design of a balcony and the balcony decoration. The flame offers the most natural light and is therefore the light source of choice. Rather than classic candle and candle holders you should choose lanterns and oil lamps . Lanterns protect the flame from wind thanks to their shape - it is mostly surrounded by glass. Due to the wick soaked in oil, oil lamps are generally insensitive to draughts.

Skagerak - bollard oil lamp, teak wood side by side - WeinLicht Lantern Eva solo - Glass Lantern, LightUp

You see, balcony decorating and styling is not all that difficult. Much can be done with a few simple steps, some balcony ideas and the right accessories. Create your own urban oasis!

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