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Designing your Office: Practical Ideas for the Home Office

String - Works

Working within your own four walls - thanks to the modern working concept of home offices, more and more employees and freelancers are now able to work from home. The challenge: creating a productive work environment without distractions and separating the work and living space - so that you can relax after work. Discover how to make the most of your space with furnishing ideas and decorating tips as well as the right office furniture and special office accessories.

Consider yourself lucky if you already have a separate room which can be used as an office. In smaller homes, the living room or bedroom must often used for this purpose. Next, think about the furnishing style: classic-traditional vs. modern functional.

How to integrate the office into your home:

  1. Designing your Work Space - What you Should Know
  2. Work Space in the Living Room or Bedroom
  3. Creating the Right Ambience with Accessories

Designing your Work Space - What you Should Know

If you already have a specific room to use as a home office, the spatial separation between work and private life is much easier to achieve. There are no distraction during work and afterwards, you can just relax. Nevertheless, in order to create a good work environment, there are some points worth noting. Good light conditions, a pleasant room temperature, fresh air and ergonomic, comfortable furniture are essential for focused and productive work.

The Right Light

Buddy table lamp from Northern

Natural light is the best light, so make the most of the sunlight and place your desk close to the window. When it gets too dark, a desk lamp should be used. Make sure to look out for the lumens symbol (luminous flux) while shopping for your lamp or lightbulbs. For desks, experts recommend a luminous flux of more than 600 lumens. The colour of the light is also important: the brighter and colder a lamp is, the more the light promotes concentration. Warm light, however, creates a relaxing atmosphere. Neutral white (3000 to 5000 Kelvin) or daylight white (from 5000 Kelvin) lamps are therefore the best choice for the home office. More information can be found under “properties” on the products’ respective pages.

The great variety of Tolomeo lights

The Italian light manufacturer Artemide features the Tolomeo lamps, equipped with flexible joints, swivel arms and adjustable heads. They can be adapted to the individual lighting and are optionally available with table clamps. Absolut Lighting, Flos and Luceplan are some other manufacturers to consider for flexible lamps.

Properly Align the Desk

The orientation of the desk depends on the PC and the incidence of the light. Glare on the screen can tire the eyes and cause mistakes. With the correct seat position, glare can be avoided. At best, the light should come from the side rather than from the front or behind.

Müller Möbelwerkstätten - Plane Desk, white

Ergonomic and Comfortable Office Furniture

If enough place is available, you will be spoilt for choice. Manufacturers such as the Hansen family and Müller Möbelfabrikation produce modern, friendly pieces of furniture which together with other manufacturers' equipment create a bright, modern look. With her designs from the Remix collection, Gesa Hansen breathes life into modern, functional furniture. Storage space is a recurring concernm so the combination of storage possibilities, compact shapes and simple elegance makes the Remix Collection Desk something special.

The Hansen Family - Remix Collection, Desk

The Plane Desk by Müller Möbelwerkstätten also provides ample storage space with its drawers (see left image). The Studio Desk by Bluelounge is completely designed for the use of electronic devices: Cables and connectors from laptops, mobile phones and other devices disappear inside of the desk and a built-in power strip ensures sufficient power supply. If you spend a lot of time in the home office, consider furnishing it with the following: The Works Desk by String, a height-adjustable table where you can work either sitting down or standing up (first image). With the push of a button, you can adjust the table to your body height and change from a sitting position to a standing one in just a few minutes. Due to its bright appearance, the innovative desk looks light in spite of the electronics and fits subtly into the office.

Zanotta - Calamo desk, black

Sometimes, an office needs to be representative. If you like a certain exclusivity, then you are in good hands with Zanotta and Vitra. The Calamo table (see right image) is the answer to the question what makes a desk particularly sophisticated and elegant: reduced design, dark core leather and a storage surface with a tilting opening. The Compas Direction Table is the new edition of a classic by Jean Prouvé from 1953: With its sleek shapes, smooth surfaces and asymmetrical legs, it is the epitome of good 50s designs - qualities that make the Compas Direction table qualify even for modern living. The office thus becomes a statement. In addition to a desk, finding the right office chair is essential.

Driade - Meridiana Armchair on castors, polished aluminium / transparent
Vitra - EA 104 Chair, Swivel with Armrests, Ivory / Forest Cover, Chromed Base
Form Swivel Office Chair by Normann Copenhagen in Black / Aluminium
Flötotto - Pro 6 Swivel Chair with PRO-Matic, polished aluminium / granite grey, soft castors (with chrome cover)

With the desk chair versions of the About A Chair collection, Hay offers particularly light, modern models that do not make you think of office and work but of functionality, comfort and aesthetics in its simplest form. Pro 6 chairs by Flötotto have a similar concept. A desk chair, with which you can not go wrong is the MedaPal office swivel chair by Vitra. It combines intelligent technology with high seating comfort and bears the seal of ergonomic approval. Equally classic, but with a more original design is Allstar Office Chair by Vitra. The chairs from the ID Chair concept and Aluminum Group are ideal for rooms with executive office qualities thanks to the noble materials and an exclusive look.

Hay - About A Chair AAC 21, Aluminium schwarz / Hallingdal
Vitra MedaSlim chair
The Allstar office chair by Vitra

Shelving systems offer plenty of storage room. Modular designs allow you adapt to the spatial possibilities and make the most of the available space when storing office accessories. The master of shelving systems is String. With time, the manufacturer has extended its shelf repertoire to include a wide range of modules. Cabinet with sliding doors and box drawers ensure everything is visually kept in order. Thanks to the optional folding table, the String shelving system can be transformed into an all-in in-one office solution. The shelving system is also available in black, oak, walnut and birch. Tojo and Flötotto also present modern storage solutions, with which your office can be adequately furnished. The range of furniture designed to store books in particular is wide and varied. Opt for an original bookcase if you want to relax the overall image of your office.

String Shelf System, oak / white, ambiente
Sideboard as well as wall rack
The Book Tower by Haseform

Tip: Simply replace old, grey folders with colourful models. Line them up in the c binder shelf by linea1, and you are guaranteed a more pleasant ambience.

Creating a Workspace in the Living Room or Bedroom

Thanks to the availability of compact and practical furniture for the home office, a space-saving set up can be created in the living room or bedroom without too much effort. This is useful if you do not have a separate room or if you only need your work area for privacy purposes.

As if carved from a piece of woodOur recommendations for you:Desks, secretariesView now!

Secretary desks are especially compact and offer storage space through drawers, pull-out surfaces and double shelves. Some desks can be folded away after working hours, such as the Flatmate secretary desk by Müller Möbelwerkstätten, similar to the Flatframe and the Flatbox. When the work is done, the secretary desk just folds away and the home office "disappears" in the blink of an eye. The compact, sleek solutions limit the workspace to a small area, without taking away the comfort of the living room. The manufacturer Müller Möbelfabrikation not only produces smart office furniture, but also furniture for the living room. If the furniture comes from a single source, the workspace is barely visible.

Müller Möbelwerkstätten - Flatmate Wall Secretary, white / birch
Bluelounge - StudioDesk, detail, inside
Ambivalenz - Fläpps State Secretary

A simple alternative is a partition or room divider which allows you to easily separate the work area from the living area. The advantage: Books and folders can remain open after working hours, without getting in the way. Hey Sign offers a classic felt room divider, while you will can find creative solutions with Kvadrat and Casamania.

red edition - Claustra Divider, oak
Artek - 100 Screen, pine / natural lacquered
Vitra Algues, black

If your workspace is created within the bedroom or the living room, the office accessories such as pens, folders and electronic devices should not disturb the overall image of the room. Therefore, it is best to opt for shelves equipped with closed compartments in which little things can keep while still preserving the proximity to the desk.

Creating the Right Ambience with Accessories

Plisse Storage of Hay

A desk, a chair and a shelf is not everything. Little bits and pieces tend to add up in the office and hiding them behind closed doors is not always the best solution. When paired with the right accessories, pens and stationery can also take on a decorative purpose. Thanks to a variety of storage boxes, elegant storage trays and unusual desk organisers, the most important items are immediately at hand. For important notes, keys & co. pinboards and magnetic strips are ideal. A selection of beautiful accessories is shown here. Click on the upper image to be taken directly to the products.

Maven Wall Calendar
The Workspace Collection establishes order on your desk and provides the right accessiores for the everyday office life
Lenz - Pinboard, 60 x 40 cm

The manufacturers ferm Living and Design Letters have also addressed the subject of office equipment and have developed their own Office Collections to help people organise home offices - exceptional design that makes work a pleasure.

Tip: Studies show that green in the workplace increases productivity and concentration. So, don't forget to complete your home office with a plant or two.

Kähler Design - Fiora Flowerpot H 25 cm, midnight blue
The Hay Flower Pot with Saucer in M, black
Hay - Flowerpot with Saucer, XL, grey
Kähler Design - Fiora Flowerpot H 25 cm, pink / yellow

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