Germany's trendiest shared flat: Participation conditions

The participation in the „Connox is looking for Germany’s trendiest shared flat” competition by Connox is in accordance with the following provisions.

§ 1 Participation

(1) Only natural persons who are at least 18 years old and are of full legal capacity are eligible.

(2) A natural person participates by means of completing and sending the form on the competition page. Required information:

  • a name of the shared flat,
  • an expressive picture (JPG) of the shared flat or a video (Instagram, Vine or YouTube),
  • a short statement of why your flat is the trendiest shared flat of Germany and
  • the E-Mail address of the contact person.

(3) The Connox GmbH reserves the right to exclude applicants in the absence of required information or insufficient quality of the information or in the absence of relevance of the presented picture or video. The participant has no legal right to publish their uploaded contents.

(4) The selection of the winners takes place by means of visitor’s votings. The images of the participating flats are herefore presented in a gallery on the website of the Connox GmbH.

(5) It is only possible to present one picture per competing flat.

(6) The participant is responsible for the correctness, especially of his E-Mail and/or postal address.

(7) The presentation of the picture / video for the voting must occur within the presented deadline. The electronically protocolled income of the picture / video at Connox counts when it comes to check the presentation date.

(8) It is necessary to present personal data that correspond to the truth, otherwise an exclusion according to § 2 (3) will occur.

(9) The participation doesn’t depend on an order.

§ 2 Exclusion of the competition

(1) Employees, deliverers and providers of the Connox GmbH are excluded from the participation.

(2) Connox reserves the right to exclude people violating these participation requirements.

(3) Especially the following people are excluded:

  • people using not allowed help, like automatized registrations,
  • people that get advantages by means of manipulating,
  • people with unreal personal data or
  • people that try to participate more than once at the same competition.

The prizes can as well be denied subsequently.

§ 3 The competition / picture rights

(1) The participant agrees with the publication and publicly multiplication of his sent pictures or videos free of charge on and in the moment he uploads his picture / video. The winners are informed by Connox by E-Mail and they might be published with their name, picture / video on,, in press releases of Connox and on Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter. The participant explicitly agrees with this kind of publication.

(2) If the winner doesn’t answer within three months after the E-Mail has been sent, he will lose the right to claim his prize and the second placed will get the first prize.

(3) The prizes are sent to the addresses of the winners from Connox. The delivery is free inside of Germany. All of the transport and custom charges are to be paid by the winner, unless the delivery address is inside of Germany.

(4) Id the prizes can only be delivered under unacceptable conditions, the winner will get a different prize of equal value.

(5) Cash payment of the amount of the prizes isn’t possible, under no circumstances.

(6) The prizes cannot be passed to other people.

(7) Complaints about the process of competing are to be directed to the Connox GmbH in writing within 14 days after the reason was noticed. Spoken complaints or complaints written after the deadline won’t be processed.

(8) The participant explains to hold all copyrights of the presented contents, especially of pictures and videos and he also explains that all of the people displayed on the presented pictures or videos agree with the publication of them. In respect to persons who are less than 18 years of age, the approval of the parent shall be valid.

(9) If the participant violates his responsibility of these requirements or if he doesn’t hold the according copyrights or the approval of the displayed people when the pictures / videos are published, he frees the Connox GmbH of all the demands of a third party.

§ 4 Premature termination of the competition

The Connox GmbH reserves the right of cancelling or terminating the competition at any time without announcing it in advance and without giving reasons. The Connox GmbH will especially use this right when there are technical (like virus in the computer system, manipulation or errors in the hard and / or software) or legal reasons for it, if the termination of the competition cannot be granted.

§ 5 Privacy

(1) The Connox GmbH undertakes to comply with the legal requirements regarding privacy. In this connection it is expecially referredto the general privacy policy.

(2) The Connox GmbH will collect personal data in the event of this competition, regarding the termination of the competition. These data is only used for the information of the winners and it is going to be erased three months after the competition has ended by the Connox GmbH. The data is not going to be transmitted to any third parties, except for the transport company!

(3) The competition isn’t connected to Facebook, in no way. It isn’t sponsored, supported or organised by Facebook. The receptor of the data given by the participant is not Facebook, but only the Connox GmbH. All the questions, comments or complaints about the competition are to be directed to the Connox GmbH.

§ 6 Other

(1) The judges’ decision is final.

(2) Only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany is valid. In the case of the users, this choice of Law is valid insofar as the guaranteed protection has not been withdrawn as a result of binding provisions of the laws of the country where the user has his habitual residence.

(3) Should some of these policies are not valid or become so, the validity of the resting policies remains unchanged.

(4) The Connox GmbH is able to change these conditions can be changed at any time without separate notification.

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