Pastel Home Accessories - The Winter Look

Hartô - Light, French DesignThe changing of the year inspires us like nothing else. Bad experiences, worries and habits of the past year are shaken off: it's time for a new beginning. The prospect of a new start awakens our spirits - we have enough energy to reinvent not only ourselves, but also our homes. Pastel tones are a welcome change from the bold colors of the Christmas season: they create brightness and space in the dark winter months - and get us ready for spring. We've collected different winter styles for you as well as our favourite pastel home accessories - for all of you with a soft spot for Scandinavian lightness and subtle romance. Bring the magic of the winter landscape into your home!

First of all, free your apartment from all the baggage of the previous year. Pack the Christmas decorations safely in the attic, dust the furniture, clean the windows and make sure that anything hanging around on the coffee table or at the foot of the stairs is put away where it belongs. Let light into your home! A deep clean creates space for clear thoughts and new ideas.

Muted Shades for Cosy Winter Flair

If you want, now is a good time to paint the walls. Light colors and delicate tones reflect the light and give the illusion of more space. Especially in winter when the sun isn't out as much, lighter walls can do wonders to lighten the atmosphere of a room, too. Friendly mint, rosé or light blue have a subtle effect without being pushy. Paint all walls in soft and delicate tones or have one statement wall in a stronger pastel color.

Even without painting the walls, the right pastel home decor and furniture can add friendly accents. The more muted the tone, the more wintry the impression. Brand Red Edition adds an individual element to each of its furniture pieces with muted tones and pastel colors. French design studio Hartô combines pastel tones with light colors woods to add a playful touch.

Flair of the Golden 1950s Muuto - Stacked shelving system - entrance Wall Secretary Desk in the Bedroom

Beautiful Accents with Pastel Home Accessories

There are a variety of home accessories out there offering an easy way to redecorate your home without repainting the walls or investing in new furniture. Pastel colors don't just go well with each other, they also work brilliantly with light wooden tones and white furniture. We're enchanted by the detailed accessories from Bloomingville, and the danish brand ferm Living has made muted tones part of its DNA.

The Bloomingville Glass Vase in smokey grey The Bloomingville - Decoration cactus, decorative pineapple and the Tibetan lambskin in dip dye stone / kit ferm Living - Wire Basket Top

Another way to make a big difference with little effort is with wall decals. The brand Paper Collective offers fascinating posters with items from nature in 1:1 scale. Novoform also creates art prints in a similar style, as well as numerous pastel home accessories.

by Lassen - art prints - Frame - Flow Schneid - Eikon Basic Pendant Lamp, mint Muuto - Silent Vase

We really like pastel colored glass vases - like the Silent Vase from Muuto. The glass makes the piece look delicate and in combination with soft colors these vases create subtle accents.

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gray Home Accessories: Perhaps the Most Underrated Member of the Pastel Family

On the walls as a subtle background, a hard-wearing rug or in combination with shades of its own color family - gray home accessories have everything that pastel colors promise. Hardly any other tone is as diverse! Delicate, almost white nuances spread lightness, whereas a deep coal gray creates a stark contrast to the other members of the pastel family and is anything but dull. The neutral tone also takes the gaudiness out of pink, blue and mint - for those who enjoy a subtle romantic style. In textiles, gray feels cosy, with blankets made from 100% wool bridging the cold months until the start of spring.

Blankets by Fritz Hansen out of Merino and Cashmere Louis Ghost Chair by Kartell Sodapop_Conmoto_Chairman_Caroline-Graevendieck_1zu1_Situation

Tip: It's not just gray home accessories - pastel home decor in general combines well with darker tones from the same color family. Examples of these beautiful contrasts can be seen in ferm Living textiles, particularly in the color Block series.

Create your own pastel interior! The best thing about decorating with pastels is that they also look great in spring and summer. Take a look at some selected products below and add light, friendly accents to any room with pastel home accessories.

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Article from the 2017-01-05, of Anja Beckmann

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