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Space miracle: 5 tips for more storage space

String - Regalsystem weiß

Anyone who lives in a small apartment or an apartment without storage space knows the problem: there is too little storage space, chaos spreads. Shoes quickly pile up in the hallway, suitcases lie in the bedroom and cooking utensils obstruct the already narrow work surface in the kitchen. But that need not be the case. We'll show you how to create more storage space in the twinkling of an eye with 5 clever tips and turn every room, from the bathroom to the kitchen, into a real space miracle.

5 tips for creating storage space - how to succeed

  1. Create storage space on walls
  2. Multifunctional furniture for more storage space
  3. Do away with unnecessary decoration
  4. Use flexible shelf systems
  5. Stacking boxes and baskets
  6. Conclusion

1. Create storage space on walls

To make the room look more spacious and avoid wasting valuable floor space, you should use storage space on the walls. Wall shelves and wall storage units are the ideal solution here. Simply hanging over the sofa, sideboard, desk or bed, you can create undreamt-of - and above all decorative - storage space without the room losing any of its space. To provide the necessary peace and quiet in smaller rooms, choose simple designs - this promises a clean look.

Estique Wardrobe with shelf and mirror from Umbra

In the bathroom and in the kitchen, narrow shelves, wall strips or individual wall hooks, which you can attach to small free spaces yourself, create space for cooking utensils, towels &, etc. In the hallway and in the bedroom, accessories such as jewellery or scarves can be stylishly stored here.

Wall hook "The Dots" single medium by Muuto in mustard
A-Shelf large by Andersen Furniture made of oak
The ferm Living - wall hook black / brass in small
Click Shelving system 710 × 210 × 610 mm from New Tendency in pink
Small String -shelf in ash
Normann Copenhagen - Sticks Hook, natural, set of 2
Folded Shelves 2 9. 5 x 40 cm from Muuto in burnt orange

2. Multifunctional furniture for more storage space

Particularly practical: Labels such as Woud, ferm Living or OK Design create stylish furniture that is multifunctional and thus also creates storage space. In our range, for example, you will find stools or side tables that can be opened and offer additional space - for example for magazines, cushions or, for example, the remote control - in your interior. Baskets can be placed on shelves or bench shelves, which are not only decorative but also create a lot of storage space and order.

Multifunctional furniture for more storage space

Mirror cabinets, for example, create storage space in the bathroom. In the interior you can store everything from toothbrushes to cosmetics that you would like to hide. At the same time, the mirror on the outside visually enlarges the room. In the hallway and bedroom, mirrors with integrated wardrobe are ideal for keeping things tidy - practical and stylish.

The OK Design - Willow bench in black
kommod - Stapla Shelf in Oak
Woodrow stool/ side table with storage space from Umbra in walnut / black

3. Do without unnecessary decoration

If you only have little space available, you should avoid accessories that do not fulfil any additional function, but rather use stylish furniture that stands on its own and gives the room the necessary cosiness with its expressive design.

If possible, you should always combine the beautiful with the useful and decide, for example, for a slightly wider picture bar instead of a picture gallery, on which, in addition to decorative posters and pictures, other things such as magazines or reading glasses can be placed.

Viktoria interior design expert tips for advisors "When creating storage space, it is often difficult not to overload the space. Therefore my recommendation is to focus on high-quality and beautiful design, so that further accessories are no longer necessary to give the room that certain something - according to the principle "less is more." - Victoria, interior design expert

So get creative! Even books do not always have to be stacked and lined up. Arranged in beautiful and space-saving bookshelves, they replace the picture gallery and thus become a decorative element.

Norr Magazine Holder in the kitchen

4. Using flexible shelving systems

Even small niches can be wonderfully used to create storage space. Flexible shelving systems fit perfectly into unused space, such as slopes and wall recesses, and visually take up very little space. String, Muuto and Tojo have designed shelves that can be individually plugged together and adapted to your own living situation.

Cabinet element with hinged door from String

This is ensured by shelf elements of different sizes, various brackets and additional elements such as drawers and shelf doors. The individual modules can be combined in any combination of length and height. In this way, shelving systems with stylish design create storage space for clothes, toys and books.

Frame Wall cabinet 35 (incl. door) from by Lassen in oak
Show shelf module 1112 with wall suspension, mushroom from Montana
Muuto - Mini Stacked Shelf module 2. 0, medium, oak / light grey back panel
Frame Wall cabinet 35 from by Lassen in white
Muuto - Stacked Shelf module 2. 0 with door, medium / oak
Muuto - Stacked Shelf module with back panel, small / white

5. Stacking with boxes and baskets

Practical boxes and baskets - such as the trendy Crate Color boxes by Hay or the Restore baskets by Muuto - are not only a visual highlight, but also real storage space wonders. In various sizes, all everyday items, from office accessories and cosmetics to cutlery or toys, can be stored here in an orderly fashion. Whether sorted into shelves and trays or stacked high to save space - storage baskets and boxes are a simple but effective means of creating storage space in any room.

Muuto - Stacked Shelving system 2. 0 - Oak

Flat boxes can also be pushed under furniture. For example, the Restore Tray by Muuto or the Save-it Boxes by Rig-Tig by Stelton or the bench in the hallway, on the wall cupboard in the kitchen or under the bed in the bedroom, for example, provide additional storage space in the small apartment.

Soft Storage basket Ø 50 cm, dark grey from Cane-line
Restore storage basket from Muuto in burnt orange
Save-It Storage boxes 5 pcs from Rig-Tig by Stelton
Sweep basket round Ø 43 cm, natural from Cane-line
Muuto - Restore Round Basket, grey
Sporta storage basket in natural bamboo by OYOY
Felt basket Béla, Ø 30 x H 34,5 cm in beige mottled / pink by myfelt
Korbo - Classic 35 Stainless Steel
Hey Sign - Box rectangular, anthracite
Ceramic basket large by ferm Living in off-white

6. Conclusion

In general, place things on top of each other and use the space upwards. Leave the floor areas as free as possible and instead place things mainly on practical wall shelves, shelves and strips. Niches can be cleverly used with flexible shelving systems and multifunctional pieces of furniture create additional storage space. Unobtrusive furniture provides visual quiet spots. Storage baskets and boxes bring order to the room and are real space miracles.

Design idea living room

In our furnishing example, these tips create a lot of storage space in the small living room. The Turning Table by Menu is multifunctional and serves not only as an occasional table and tray, but also as a storage solution with its clever interior. Just like the popular Wire Basket from ferm Living, which offers storage space and storage for blankets, cushions and co. in one. The hanging TV sideboard made of Muuto's Stacked 2.0 modules looks airy, can be freely assembled and complemented by a hanging shelf from the same series. Above the sofa, a small wall shelf becomes a decorative element that also offers space for small items. On a free wall, magazines and books replace the classic picture gallery.

We hope that you too will be able to create more storage space with our tips and wish you much pleasure with your new space wonders.

Article from the 2022-07-14


5 tips for more storage space - this is how it works

We'll show you how to create more storage space in no time with 5 clever tips.

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