Artek 2nd Cycle Café as guest in Hamburg

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Article from the 2013-10-04

On Saturday, the 5th of October 2013, the Artek 2nd Cycle Café (German page) will open in the Hamburg PLYground. With the 2nd cycle-series, Artek cares about the past, making it logical to come together with the Hamburg expert for vintage furniture.

2nd Cycle: Artek cares for the classic pieces

The 2nd Cycle Café from Artek will be hosted from the 5th until the 19th in the showroom for modern classics PLYground, Hohenesch 68 in Hamburg-Altona. The PLYground represents vintage and industrial design, industrial furniture, lamps and decorative things of the 1920s up to the 60s. Each piece is unique in it shape, history and journey. The objects show an attractive patina, are technically flawless, were renewed or perfectly cared. A small selection of design classics and pieces in modern design make up the fulfilling contrast to the originals with patina.

Culinary pleasures

The visitor won’t only be able to expect furniture in the 2nd Cycle Café: A daily changing lunch menu from the restaurant Klippkroog as well as coffee and cakes will be offered in the afternoon on a long table, made of several pieces of the 60s and all of them original designs by Alvar Aalto.

Versatile evening program

The Café will be completed with a Satellite-Store from do you read me?! (German page) from Berlin, which will present a selection of international innovative publications of design, architecture, furniture and photography during two weeks. Arts performances also belong to the program of the 2nd Cacle Café.

Tutorials about Egon Eiermann and Alvar Aalto will take place on the 10th and the 17th of October. Renowned experts, sich as Dr. Jaeggi, the manager of the Bauhaus-archive are also going to make a speech.

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