Berlin: Porcelain Design by Barbara Schmidt

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Article from the 2013-08-21

Barbara Schmidt belongs to the most successful designers in Germany and she represents a new generation, which adapts to demands of a forming society by means of designing everyday objects – porcelain here – without hiding the tradition and the form of the material.

As the Bauhaus once, also Barbara Schmidt has the aim of improving life by unifying arts and technique. The designer convincingly realizes this approach in her free artistic works, as teacher and as chief designer for KAHLA / Thüringen Porzellan GmbH. The realignment of the concept of the company led to a German history of success, with Barbara Schmidt as an important responsible for it.

The Bauhaus archive / museum for design takes this as a chance to present her work in an exposition from the 21st of August 2013 on, for the first time.

The exposition Poesie und Industrie. Barbara Schmidt. Porzellandesign. (German article)

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