DHL Certificate: Connox-Parcels are CO2 neutral

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Article from the 2011-07-05

Now we’ve got it written down: purchasing in the Connox Living Design company helps supporting our natural environment. Because our packages are delivered CO2-neutral. The German post office DHL calculated that Connox Living Design compensated more than 10,000 t CO2 using the GoGreen-Program products of the company in the year 2010. We are happy about this success of GoGreen and feel encouraged to move on as exemplarily company regarding the environment-protection.

The CO2 emissions that we caused when we sent parcels was balanced in the event of the GoGreen Program thanks to investments in climate-protection projects. A total of 10,042 t of CO2 was compensated by the Connox Living Design in the year 2010. The supported climate protecting projects are a biomass power plant in India, a wind power plant in China, a landfill power plant in Turkey and a water power plant in Brazil.

GoGreen is a project of the German post office DHL and has the aim of reducing the CO2 emission for every sent letter, every parcel and every transported ton of freight. Connox Living Design participates at this projects for a long time now.

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