Conmoto presents Chairman and Pad by Werner Aisslinger

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Article from the 2014-01-20

Werner Aisslinger is long known for the connection of different worlds: The shortly published naming of A&W-Designer of the year 2014 is justified by the magazine Architektur & Wohnen with the versatility of the “visionary all-rounder”. Now Aisslinger designed the collections Pad and Chairman for the manufacturer Conmoto – two series of symbioses of different furniture types.

The Chairman has a classic form, which reminds us of some classic furniture pieces. The different materials are the surprising thing there: Conmoto produces the seats of the Chairman out of fleece. The 100% felt fleece is sustainable and environmentally friendly – the main reason for its usage is the fact that Chairman is extremely comfortable that way, as if it was a cushioned chair, while it remains weightless and slim in its appeal. Frames out of wood or steel even make it possible that the Chairman suits in different furnishing styles. And the clear design by Werner Aisslinger will also be gorgeous in many years.

Chairman and Pad: Chairs and tables in harmony

The Pad collection by Conmoto especially suits Chairman because of the used materials: felt and wood characterize this collection as well. This means harmony!

Aisslinger’s Pad collection includes some tables and consoles, which unufy the qualities of other furniture. The newish furniture pieces by Conmoto seem familiar with their tranquil shapes and the warm materials on the first sight, but the real qualities are hidden behind the façade: The Pad collection furniture by Aisslingher has integrated charging functions for modern things such as MP3-players, smartphones or tablets. But other small items, such as keys, purses or documents are safely stored in the multifunctional furniture piece.

The charging stations are hidden in the elegant base of the Pad tables, which are also made of 100% recycled form fleece. The table tops are made of CCL (Colour Compact Laminate): The material, developed by Conmoto, is made of a hard paper core, which is white painted with melamine resin, and coated with laminate afterwards.

There is a dining table / working table (Pad Table), a coffee / side table (Pad Box) as well as a wall console (Pad Panel) in the Pad collection. The independent side tables Pad Box are available with different bases: one height adjustable frame out of steel tube and one wooden frame. Different table tops with and without insert are available for the Pad Table and the wall console is also available as Pad Tray, without table top. Let the combinations begin in Spring of 2014!

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