Exhibition tip: Rething! Design objects with changing values

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Article from the 2015-03-13, by Sabrina Pflüger

wb form - Ulmer Stool spruce and beech wood Design objects are considered to be beautiful, especially when they are expensive and therefore precious. But must they stand on a socket?

The question about the contemporary presentation of design objects also occupied the Museum of Concrete Art in Ingolstadt.
The museum searched for help at the design faculty of the University of Munich, whose students were invited to search through the design collection of the museum. Thereby they discovered famous design classics and rare treasures, exhibited in the exhibition Rething! Design objects with changing values (German: Rething! Designobjekte im Wertewandel) now. The museum shows unusual staging in order to emphasize the concrete connections between design and everyday life.

Design classics to be touched

The start of the exhibition is the planned redesign of the museum and the expansion of the collection focussing on design. The event therefore also presents design furniture like the iconic Ulmer Stool, designed by the Swiss architect and designer Max Bill in 1954 for the students of the HFG Ulm. This is an object which belongs to today’s design classics because of the special functionality.

Design objects aren’t only made to look at them, but to touch them as well. This is proven by the exhibits like the Kubus dishes or the teapot by Wilhelm Wagenfeld, the classic desk lamp by Christian Dell or the garden chair made by Willy Guhl.

For those of you who are near Ingolstadt, we suggest you to visit the exhibition before the 7th of June, which is the day it ends. And who can’t visit it, visit the objects in our shop galleries or order them directly to your place to admire them every day.

• Museum for Concrete Art - Ingolstadt
• Rething! Design objects with changing values – Students of the University of Munich show things of the design collection
• Runtime: 03-08 – 2015-06-07

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