KAHLA creative: tripartie exposition

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Article from the 2011-07-13

„We oversee the borders intendedly sometimes“ – the German company KAHLA presents creative works of the past years in the Porzellanikon Selb at the moment, following the lemma “invent”. The special exposition is divided in three gravity centres: porcelain from the 5th international porcelain workshop KAHLA creative is shown. Also the results of the term paper that were implemented by the students from Barbara Schmidt of the University of Applied Arts of Berlin are exposed. And finally, the most important products of the designer herself, Barbara Schmidt designed and created during twenty years for KAHLA.

The porcelain icon and the innovative family company KAHLA from Thuringia are connected by common projects since many years. Also the kahla workshop of the last year was supported by Europe’s greatest porcelain museum, to contribute, ”to promote creativity and innovation and to secure the tradition of ancient porcelain locations”, according to what the museum director Wilhelm Siemen says. The ones selected for the workshop by a jury out of 150 candidates, have been inspired by the products, the technical possibilities and the colour factory day by day. They were free to invent whatever they wanted in those creative weeks.

The second part of the special exposition “invent” shows the results of a term-work, which has been led by Barbara Schmidt with students from the Udk Berlin. As a guest professor, she asked the junior product designers to focus on things of the daily use, especially the own table, to watch it, be more aware of it and with it also of the own eating manners. It was the aim to research what forms and characteristics are transferable of everyday products to porcelain, and with it “hereditary”.

The third part of the exposition is carried by the University: “from plates and cups. Works by the designer Barbara Schmidt for KAHLA out of 20 years”; works by the designer of the last 20 years which dissolved the classic service structure and created furors. Everyday observations and experimental work also were the basis for this.

The exposition will be shown until the 23rd of October 2011 in Porzellanikon Selb. Find further information about the exposition on the KAHLA kreativ homepage, and on the Porzellanikon Selb homepage (German page).

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