World's novelty by Libratone: Loop

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Article from the 2013-10-01

Libratone, Scandinavian manufacturer of awarded, wireless design-audio-solutions, presented the “Loop” in Copenhagen on the 1st of October. A wireless, elegant and versatile new loudspeaker. The versatile loudspeaker combines 360° FullRoom-sound with the comfort of wireless AirPlay-Streaming and it erases the borders between sound system and piece of furniture with its elegant minimalism. The Libratone Loop can also easily be mounted at walls or placed on a table or a shelf thanks to the wall brackets and the Duo-stand, being seamlessly inserted in every home as sound-furniture. The spherical Adonis guarantees an appealing sound experience with its slim and elegant silhouette and it is available now.

Versatile colour-chameleon

Duo-stand and wall brackets enable numerous positions and make the Libratone Loop one of the most flexible loudspeakers on the market. Whether on shelves, the ground or the table: The Danish sound furniture piece offers deep, balanced 360° FullRoom sound, regardless of the position in the room. The “hear light” is optionally mounted at walls, being an impressing design accent for organized rooms without cable-spaghetti and stumbling blocks. The Libratone Loop also offers the characteristic, fine Italian wool made coatings that are fast and easily exchangeable, as well as all his family members. The Libratone Loop is adapted to all tastes and furnishings because of the additional covers, available separately in a big spectrum of colours.

”We wanted to design a loudspeaker, which would steal the senses of the listener with overwhelming and impressive performances, having a weightless, graceful and minimalistic design at the same time. The Libratone Loop is versatile, elegant and it makes it easy to install it without compromising regarding sound quality”, explained Tommy Andersen, CEO of Libratone.

Wireless music enjoyment

As well as all the products of the Libratone family, Loop works with iPads, iPhones and Android or Mac/PCs without any problems, offering exceptionally sound via AirPlay or DLNA. The loudspeakers even work without WLAN-connections via PlayDirect™-Technology by Libratone, which is tightly connected to AirPlay and DLNA, making a direct WLAN connection between the Loop and every compatible device. The wireless High-End audio experience is portable to every place without the necessity of being near a WLAN-capable network. Moreover, the Libratone Loop supports wireless streaming by Spotify, Pandora and internet radio stations.

Scandinavia in the living room

Libratone Loop appears in the stylish-minimalistic design, characterized by beauty, weightlessness and straight-lined character, anchored aesthetically in the Scandinavian tradition. The slim, round shape of the Loop is contrastive with its soft elegance, contrasting corners and edges of shelves at home as well as picture frames, TV screens and other pieces of furniture. The round design of the Loop therewith furnishes and balances interiors of homes. ”The interplay with geometric forms is what characterizes the design of Libratone. Besides a rectangular Lounge, a triangular Live and a cylindrical Zipp, the next logical step was to make a spherical loudspeaker, such as the Libratone Loop. It is weightless, but still offers first-class audio enjoyment, artistic appearance and the connection of form and function”, said Kristian Kroyer, Art Director at Libratone.

Uncompromising liberty and highly precise sound reproduction

A digital signal processor (DSP) and a digital amplifier make crystal clear FullRoom™ stereo sound-experiences possible, combined with two 1-inch ribbon tweeters and one 4-inches subwoofer with bass-reflex-tubes. The Libratone Loop spreads acoustic waves in all directions of a room thanks to the round shape of the loudspeakers and the patented FullRoom™-technology. The acoustic waves are reflected by the walls, so that the room is filled with sound from edge to edge without sweep spot. One only sound source has enough power to enable great audio experience. And with the free Libratone App you will also be able to control that audio experience directly from the palm of your hand.

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