Tecnolumen starts "No Fake" movement

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Article from the 2012-08-23

Do you possess a false Wagenfeld-Bauhaus lamp?

Owners of a false Wagenfeld lamp shall exchange a Wagenfeld counterfeit against the original of the famous Bauhaus lamp for free from the 15th of September until the 15th of November. “With the ‘No Fake’ movement, we fight product piracy in the lamps and furniture market.”

Since damages running into the millions and working places emerge like that. Despite of it all, we Germans believe piracy to be a small crime and buy false brand products on our holidays. The current exchange movement should stop counterfeiting and help the consumer.

Owners of a Wagenfeld lamp might test the originality of their lamp on the Wagenfeld lamp’s homepage. Those that have been cheated by counterfeits will be invited to exchange the plagiarism by an original for free in the frame of the exchange movement “No Fake” by Tecnolumen. Lamps that have been bought inside of Germany or the internet in the past three years and including the sales receipt are allowed to be exchanged. “We know that thousands of plagiarisms are moving around inside of Germany and therefore we must limit the movement: We exchange Wagenfeld lamps with a total value of 42,500 Euro”, explained Hotzan.

To catch the cheaters

A seemingly brand’s sunglasses for only five euro at the beach or the T-shirt for three euro is a very special offer in many holiday countries. Many people buy offers like that without thinking twice about the consequences. The Tecnolumen manager fights products piracy since many years. He finds false Wagenfeld lamps again and again. “We want to encourage knowledge about piracy with the movement and we want to catch those that sell false products.” Since the illegal re-production of products and design is not only a thread for lamps manufacturers, but for the whole economics of Germany. “Plagiarisms are mostly recognized in fashion, films or music by the wide mass – thereby it is displayed as problem in nearby every economic branch and it causes damages running into the millions.

Products piracy in Germany

According to the German economics institute calculations, 70,000 jobs are missing because of product and brands piracy in Germany. Economics are seriously weakened by drop in investment, decrease in employment and taxes losses. Consumers use bad quality products with questionable safety and reliability characteristics. The producers of the originals are harmed with image damage. The OECD estimates the worldwide trade value with false products of about 82,6 millions of euro. This was the customs audit result by the Estate Finances Ministry in Germany 2011. A huge problem for medium-sized businesses such as Tecnolumen: “Our products are exceptionally produced in Germany and therefore offer high quality standards – this has its price.”

The Wagenfeld lamp – a classic

The famous desk lamp has been designed by the 24 years old Tecnolumen - WG24 Wilhelm Wagenfeld in the workshop of the Weimar Bauhaus in 1923, according to a duty of his teacher László Moholy-Nagy. It follows the design approach “Form follows function and is considered an icon of modern industrial design. It was included in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It has been tried to sell the lamp commercially already in 1924. However, it wasn’t possible since most of its components were made by hand. The Bremen businessman and Tecnolumen founder as well as owner Walter Schnepel sat together with Professor Wagenfeld in 1977 to develop new plans for serial manufacturing together. Since 1980 the Bremen lamps factory produces two editions of rhe Wagenfeld lamp in the dimensions and the material of the original, two further editions came in the 90s. “Design enthusiasts will possess the original, and no plagiarisms”, is what Hotzan explained.

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