In memory: Christian Dell died the 18th of July 1974

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Article from the 2011-07-18

His „Commissioner Lamp“ reached worldwide recognition and his designs embossed the classic Bauhaus style – the designer, silver smith and Bauhaus teacher Christian Dell passed by 37 years ago.

Born in Offenbach am Main in 1983, Christian Dell firstly made an apprenticeship to become a silver smith and visited the drawing academy. After the military service, Dell was work master in the metal workshop at the Bauhaus in Weimar from 1922 to 1925. After the Second World War he returned back to his roots: he produced silver ware, which he sold in his own shop in Wiesbaden until 1955. Afterwards he took himself back to his private life until he died the 18th of July 1974.

During his time at the Bauhaus, Christian Dell hugely embossed the Bauhaus style. Since 1926 he designed illumination devices, numerous also for the lamps factory Gebr. Kaiser & Co. since 1933/34 in Neheim-Hüsten. His lamps series „KAISER idell“, and especially the 6631 Luxus, also lovingly called „commissioner lamp“ became a Bauhaus classic and reached high popularity.

The reason: the KAISER idell lamps appeared again and again in the TV screen since the 1960es in numerous editions. They were especially present on the desk of the famous TV commissioner and investigator.

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